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Finally, I am creating again…

It’s taken me about 13 months to really take advantage of the fantastic place that I work at (Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild in Pittsburgh). Yesterday, I stayed in the Ceramics studio to throw on the potter’s wheel during the adult course that Amanda Wolfe teaches. I hadn’t worked on the wheel since I was in high school, approximately 7 years ago. The good new is, I apparently retained a lot of the techniques Mary Ann Andreassi taught in our 3D studio at Pine-Richland (I was very lucky to have amazing art teachers). Out of 11 balls of clay that I threw on the wheel, 5 pieces are currently drying on one of the shelves. Almost 50% successes, which is a win for me. A few technical difficulties with a few of them, but half the time I was throwing, I was concentrating more on getting re-aquainted with the way the clay moves and feels. I used to call the wheel my zen garden. Whenever I was in a crappy mood, I would throw on the wheel and all my troubles would just vanish. It was very relaxing to feel the clay sliding through my fingers. When I got home, my pants, shoes and shirt all had bits (or a lot) of clay splatter. And it was so worth it.

I’ll post updates to these after I carve and glaze them. (Amanda also gave me a candle stick she did a demo of so that I can carve and keep it. The tall, skinny piece was my attempt at a candle stick. Obviously I need some more practice with it)

And I’ll be going back next week to make a few more items. Trying to get a few of my other co-workers to stay with me. It’s an enjoyable practice, and if you’ve never done it, find a local art community and give it a whirl!

(Also, my brother just got home yesterday for the last leave before he deploys. We did not even know if he was going to get this one, so very excited to see him! Also, tomorrow is the Marine Corps birthday, and Friday is Veterans’ Day. So don’t forget our military men and women!)