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I have new work to show you, I promise. Two test rolls were developed. “Sitting” on three that I am really excited about. Perhaps I’ll send those in this week and scan them in next week. I have not had much time to really work with the images yet. Plus not a lot of good ones on those two rolls. I need someone to sponsor me so I can afford to develop my film. (Why do I insist on such an expensive medium!?!?) I have shot a few events for the Too Shallow For Diving: The 21st Century Is Treading Water exhibit here in PGH (up at the JCC until July 28). So that has been at least a welcoming reintroduction to shooting. I will also be teaching the fashion photography course here at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild this summer! Guess I should get my own work handled before I try to tell someone else to do it in a timely fashion.

I am leaving the restaurant (again) so I will have weekends open to work on things such as my house and work on my art. Intending on decorating my new house in beautiful art. (Moved in this weekend. SuperPumped.) A mural for the living room (TBD), a fake fire for my roomies’ fireplace and some large paintings to hang on my wall are first on the list. Student art needs to be framed so it can hang. I want our house to be a mini gallery of beautiful things. I really want to start painting and using charcoal/pastels again. If you want to commission something, it would make me do it a lot quicker. Just saying…

Brother is home for 10 days! So nothing will probably get done this weekend. Bro-Time is crucial though.

To be continued…

(PS: A photo from after a reception I photographed)

PPS: Super in love with “Bad Kids” by Lady Gaga. It has slowly started to creep up my favorites list.