I have been taking photos rather often (self-portraiture) and my stack of film is adding up. Found a lab (in California) that I can mail my film to, and they will develop, scan and upload my images. Part of me really likes this, part of me hates this idea. Good because then I could share my work. Bad because I am a darkroom-cavewoman. But, I do not have access to really scan my images in, so it might be a good thing. I am sending a test roll this week. I am pretty pumped about it. I hope it works the way I hope it does.

I will be in NYC this weekend and I will be overloading on delicious pizza, bagels, street coffee, friends, whiskey and tattoo ink (not in that order). I’m sure I’ll have at least some camera phone photos to tide you over until I get my film developed!

Have fun and be safe!